Hi ­čĹő­čĆ╗ I’m Matt, a passionate Sims
enthusiast and content creator.

My Most Popular Mods

Refreshed Main Menu

Every time you launch your game, you’ll be greeted by a peaceful landscape, free of advertisements and news.

Refreshed Loading Screen

A clean loading screen with randomly changing backgrounds that gradually zoom in while the game is loading.

Enhanced World Maps

This mod enhances the in-game world maps, making them twice as sharp.

My Other Mods & Custom Content

Less Restrictive Camera

Capture the whole scene.

Cozy Cinema Mini Set

Portable Mini Home Projector and functional DIY Movie Screen.

EuroSleek Bathroom

A European-style bathroom set.

Entry phone

For all beautiful apartment complexes.


A functional gaming console.

Sleek Office Mini Set

Boost your work efficiency.

Holiday Drop

Christmas came early.

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